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fast and easy...i'll definately come back again
imjackburns   2010-11-12
so fast its 5min man i got my gold. this best site, if you say no, you are very dumb
xxqtlovexx   2010-10-26
less than 10 min delivery! very good site better than other dfo sites that sell go...
xxqtlovexx   2010-10-26
OMG this site is so good!!! it's not lie!! i bought 3 times in here and i wi...
roypark1   2010-09-09
Awesome service. All transactions proceeded as expected.
zirconi   2010-08-29
amazing job
riown24   2010-08-23
Perfect services !
zyth45   2010-07-31
Awesome as usual. This guy beats PA on both prices and service!
Rampaging   2010-06-13
Amazing prices. Quick delivery. Excellent
riown24   2010-06-13
Repeated again! Great place!
Rampaging   2010-05-23

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hey,hans thecrippler,what is ...
hey welcome to gamemammy y...
hey guy,welcome to gamemammy ...
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